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Leadership Development: Leaders are hard to find and keep. We'll work alongside you to customize and scale leadership programs that fit your needs and your budget. Each individual participant or cohort will work with their coach to:

  • Assess their leadership needs

  • Work with their manager to identify an area to develop

  • Create and implement an Action Plan with a Capstone Project

  • Document and celebrate results and return on investment

Rozzi and Associates helps engage each team member by helping them grow in their current role or into new ones. Our leadership development programs use one-on-one coaching in a systematic process where the participant and coach work in collaboration to achieve a results-oriented, solutions-focused goal.   

The Value of Our Program

  • Tailored to individual needs while aligning to organizational goals 

  • Capstone project provides an activities-based learning assignment

  • Return on investment or impact on business is easily measured

  • Develops leadership pipeline within organization

  • Individual professional development aids in associate engagement and retention

  • Continual development of associates is key to innovation

Transition into Leadership

Accelerate your new leader’s transition into their role, improve team performance and engagement, and create more value for your organization. It is critical that new leaders become fully functioning members of the team as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, all too often leaders are left to sink or swim. New leaders need more than administrative arrangements and a general business orientation. Companies typically fall short in helping leaders face cultural and political challenges.

The cost to hire and train a new employee is 50% of their annual salary. Why not insure your investment? Using unique strategies and focusing on five key areas of transition, Rozzi and Associates helps your new leader put the right time and effort toward operations, team, stakeholders, culture, and strategy.

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...with strong leader transition support the average amount of time for a new-to-role leader to reach full performance (making critical decisions with the right information in hand and the right people in place to help execute) can be reduced by a third, from six months to four months.
— Harvard Business Review