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You are the Problem

Got a workplace issue? Here’s the quick answer: You are the problem. Or at least part of it anyway.

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You are sitting in a meeting and you can feel your frustration rise because the agenda isn’t being followed and one person keeps derailing the discussion. Yet, have you done anything to help get the discussion back on track?

Your direct report isn’t providing exceptional customer service to several clients. You are frustrated about their lack of awareness and commitment to serve the client. Yet, have you sat down and actually shared with them what you believe defines exceptional customer service?

You are having a discussion with a co-worker. They have a strong opinion about the way to approach a problem. You have a differing opinion. They won’t give in. Neither will you. You expect them to conform to your thoughts. Yet, have you been willing to listen and propose a compromise?

You pass a new executive in the hallway and smile. The new executive does not return the smile. You begin to worry about what that means. You expect everyone to respond to you how you would respond to them. Yet, has it occurred to you that they may have different expectations than you?

Now do you see why you are part of the problem?

It’s easy to get so caught up in your own emotions that you forget to consider the perspective of the other party. More often than not, there are three sides to every workplace issue. Yours, theirs and reality. How can you become better at determining the reality in any situation? Ask these questions…

• What am I believing about this situation?

• Are the beliefs causing me to act in a particular way?

• Are my beliefs actually true?

• Based on the above answers, what can I do differently?

Got a workplace issue? Here’s the quick answer: You are the solution. It requires more effort and more compromise but as leaders in the workforce, it’s our role.

Are you willing to be part of the solution and not part of the problem?

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