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"Embracing Personality and Learning Differences"- One Client Shares How Rozzi and Associates Has Helped Their Team Culture

Here are Rozzi and Associates we believe great leadership skills are the product of time, practice and focused development. As leaders sharpen their skills, their teams become more engaged and productive.

We can’t turn a bad leader into a good one -- but as leadership advisors and organizational development consultants, we use personal evaluation and skill development toward specific outcomes to help good leaders become great. We have had the privilege of working with several individuals and organizations to do just that and to see results that make big impact. Today we would like to feature an interview with one of our past clients, Banning Engineering. President and Founder, Jeff Banning shares his experience with Rozzi and Associates and the wins experienced within his organization through our partnership and coaching.


1) Why did you initially reach out to Rozzi and Associates?

Jeff: I initially reached out to Susan regarding Real Colors program because I had seen how it had benefited other groups such as Leadership Hendricks County. I thought it could be a great tool for our organization.

2). Can you describe the way that Susan went about her work with you?

Jeff: Susan was very interactive with our entire group and was able to get those that typically didn’t speak to open up. She was very engaging. What surprised me most from our sessions was how candid she was and how she kept everyone on schedule as well as keeping them engaged.

3). What was the biggest learning moment for you during your time with Susan?

Jeff: For me learning my personality traits as well as learning others within our organization was huge. It was a very beneficial process and one that we have actually had follow up training on.

4) How would you explain Susan's style? How did this benefit you?

Jeff: Susan is very straight forward, direct, personable, fun to be around.

5). What were your "wins" after your time with Susan?

Jeff: The biggest “win” we have experienced at our organization has been how everyone embraced each other’s personality and learning differences.

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Susan Rozzi is the president of Rozzi and Associates, a leadership and organizational development company helping good leaders become great! Our programs start with the premise that great leadership skills are a product of time, practice and focused development. Our leadership development, emotional intelligence insight and career management programs can be customized to meet your desired outcomes and needs.

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