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What if You Took a Step Back in 2019 to Take a Step Forward?

I recently completed a leadership assessment with an individual looking to grow in his leadership skills and to understand further his emotional intelligence strengths and weaknesses. I find myself seeing more of this, our culture as a whole is seeking to be more self-aware. I love when I find a client who has self-selected that they would like to grow and to change. This is the first step to becoming a GREAT leader. The truth is we all have habits we need to improve to grow as a leader but taking the action to do so is a big step.


As I met with this individual, I could sense he felt stuck. He has held several roles at various companies and he had experienced some challenging transitions. His journey had led him to realize he would have to continue to work to become more self-aware. We discussed how for change to occur it will be important to evaluate and develop new habits to make him the great leader he was capable of being. These changes would also help him find the professional place in which he will truly thrive.

We’ve all been there. At one point or another in our professional lives we’ve all been a little banged up, confused and bruised. It’s in those moments that we have a choice to make. We can move forward blindly, blaming the circumstances and those around us. We can stay put feeling unsatisfied, lost and often empty. Or we can take a step back, evaluate our behaviors, attitudes and actions and we determine where change is needed. You see, when you step back and clearly define some of your innate beliefs and behaviors you have the clarity of mind to step forward and change those behaviors. This doesn’t happen overnight and the road can be hard at times but the rewards are great. This insertion of a new chapter can change your whole story!

Here at Rozzi and Associates we love to partner with individuals on this journey. Whether you have hit a rough patch along your way or you are soaring to the top maybe it is time to take a step back before you take a step forward.

As you move into 2019, will you take a step back to change your story?

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Susan Rozzi is the president of Rozzi and Associates, a leadership and organizational development company helping good leaders become great! Our programs start with the premise that great leadership skills are a product of time, practice and focused development. Our leadership development, emotional intelligence insight and career management programs can be customized to meet your desired outcomes and needs.

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