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When There is No Compromise

I was at the Indiana Statehouse when one of our legislators was asked, “Have you ever voted for a bill that you disagree with?” The response was, “Yes, but never for a bill that is in disagreement with my fundamental beliefs.” This legislator understood the point in which there is no compromise. As a leader, we all need to know that point in which there is no compromise for us.

As leaders, one of our roles is to keep those we lead within the guiding principles of the group. Sometimes, we may have to ask the group to step back and define their guiding principles. Other times, the guiding principles may be well established but a reminder is needed. Other times, the group naturally functions within the guiding principles. The groups we lead will be better off when we are respectful and gently remind them of their points of no compromise.

A friend and local business owner recently had an issue with an employee. The employee violated company policy and was fired. There was no compromise for my friend; yet it did not come without cost. He spent several hours with an attorney and human resources consultant discussing the best course of action. The other employees were shaken by the firing. He lost a once-trusted employee and friend. Although this situation cost him time, money and energy, he stuck to his guiding principles and his company will be better for it.

Each of us has a set of guiding principles, whether we know it or not. It is our fundamental belief system, which may be based on faith, family values or world view. Those guiding principles come into every meeting, discussion and decision we make, and they are what lead to our own point of no compromise. What are your guiding principles? What are your points of no compromise?