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My candid thoughts about teams and leadership. 

Tips for Leaders

This is a list of tips for leaders. I prepared it several years ago but it still seems applicable!  

1. Think of yourself as a leader. I believe everyone is a leader in some way. For example, when I was a stay-at-home mom, I was a leader. I just happened to be leading two small people in diapers. In the workplace, no matter what your job title, you have an opportunity to be a leader. In our community, there are countless opportunities to be a leader, whether that involves volunteering in the schools, serving on a nonprofit board or seeing a community need and figuring out how to solve it. The key is thinking of yourself as a leader.

2. Know who you are and what type of leader you are. We tend to define leaders as those that are in the public eye or those with certain personalities. But there are many types of leaders.  Have you ever been in a meeting and there was one person at the table that did not say much -- but when they spoke, everyone listened? That person is a leader whether he or she realizes it. Leadership is not so much about a personality profile but rather a willingness to lead.

3. Identify three leaders: one to encourage you, one to teach you, and one with which you can learn together. When looking for a leader to encourage you, look for someone to whom you naturally gravitate, who you admire, and who is easy to talk with. For the person to teach you, look for someone who is the type of leader that you want to become. Finally, find someone who is in a similar position as you and is performing as well as (if not better than) you, and seek their input on projects or situations.

4. Read. Leaders continue to learn and identify new ideas or ways of doing things, and reading is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge. Ask leaders what they are reading. I am currently reading QBQ by John Miller and Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman. Subscribe to blogs or enewsletters on topics of interest. 

5. Step out and lead! Determine where you have a passion to make a difference. It may be in your home, business or community. Start small. Take on a small project and be determined to lead. Use that opportunity to learn to be a better leader through your successes and failures.

What tip for leaders would you add?