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Family of Quail

I have vague memories of the times my family traveled from Kentucky to Wisconsin to visit our extended family. One distinct memory was the summer of 1980. I remember the year because it was the year my parents divorced and it was the first time my mom was in the driver’s seat. My brother was in the passenger’s seat while I was in the middle of the back seat. We were in the part of Wisconsin where the evergreens lined each side of a narrow two-lane road and there were plenty hills and dips that caused your stomach to float inside you. We were just coming out of one of the dips when my mother’s hand flew across the front seat as I heard her say, “there’s no stopping now.” And then I heard the impact against the car. Somehow, my mom kept our car steady and at the same pace. I quickly turned around to see what we’d hit. It was a family of quail. I wept as they grew further and further in the distance. My brother talked a mile a minute about everything that had just transpired. My mom patiently listened and reassured us that everything was okay and we’d make it to the cabin. She also continued to express how sorry she was that she’d hit them but there was no other way around them.

This story is a great illustration of how a great leader navigates disruption or change.

A great leader is aware of the business environment and what internal and external factors may be disruptors or necessitate a change.

A great leader stays steady during the change.

A great leader has assessed the situation and determined the best action to take.

A great leader can be trusted to determines whether or not to involve the rest of the team.

A great leader warns and, as much as possible, protects their team.

A great leader shares information when and as often as they can.

A great leader understands each member of the team will react differently to the situation.

A great leader helps the team process the disruption or change.

A great leader reassures the team of the goals and continues to lead until they get there.

What disruptions or changes are you experiencing today in your business? Does this illustration help you think of a place that you may need to put some effort or attention?