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In the rapidly changing marketplace, it is important that every team member is continually developing and is taking responsibility for their personal development. We offer a variety of services that help every person.

Career Exploration Services are valuable for:

  •  High School Students – helping with post-graduation education and training

  • College-Age Students – helping pinpoint a specific job title to pursue

Career Transition Services are valuable for:

  • Individuals who are looking for a new job or need a new career

Outplacement Services are valuable for:

  • Organization and businesses who what to assist employees as they transition out of their current role into a new work place

Sunset Career Services are valuable for:

  • Individuals thinking about retiring from their current job and wanting to identify how to best transition to the next phase of life.

Team Formation Workshop: This is a critical process which requires attention and care. Rozzi and Associates can help your team become more effective and engaged during these activities: 

  • Define values and culture

  • Establish and apply operating agreements to cultivate culture

  • Set team expectations, goals, and priorities

  • Identify roles and responsibilities

  • Determine processes, such as decision-making, team meetings, collaborative relationships, and team performance

Communication Workshop: Strong communication is important to maintaining and enhancing professional and personal relationships. Real Colors for Team Engagement and Communication brings teams together by spotlighting the differences -- and similarities -- in people’s personalities and offering practical, proven steps for bridging the gaps.

The basis of this workshop is the Real Colors® Personality Type assessment: a user-friendly, intuitive tool that identifies four personality types in your teams. During the workshop, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the four personality types on the Real Colors spectrum

  • Discover where they fall as an individual on the spectrum

  • Learn to recognize characteristics of each of the four colors

  • Discuss each personality type's characteristics

Through Real Colors for Team Engagement and Communication, participants will understand their personal communication and decision-making preferences and gain a new perspective on what is important to others. 

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Real Colors is a fun and interactive training. It is a great way to bring together teams, deepen engagement, and grow communication skills for leadership teams, work groups or organizations!
— Kim Baver, Hendricks County Senior Services