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Completing a double major in Visual Communications and Business Information Systems at Anderson University (IN). I am seeking an internship to gain experience in User Experience and User Interface Design for a career in UX/UI Front-End Design and Development after graduating from Anderson University.

4+ years of experience in graphic design and 1+ years of experience in web design, user interface design, user experience, and front-end & back-end development. I have also acquired skills in marketing, eBusiness/eCommerce, management, emotional intelligence and leadership, and I am continuing to grow these skills through classes and hands-on experiences.

Proficient In:  InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office & SharePoint
Learning:  HTML, CSS, JavaScript and C#



Project –EasyPark App

Design the interface for an app and an accompanying website that helps solve a problem that you see in the world. In this case, the fictional company is EasyPark and their service is to help drivers find available parking in real-time. The goal when designing the mobile and online platforms is to think about the users' goals and potential hang-ups when using the platforms and design the platforms to address these.

EasyPark App Sample

easypark phone demo.jpg

EasyPark Website Sample

easypark website demo.jpg

Project – FILM FEST Posters

Given three movies from three radically different genres -- action, drama, and animation -- design three cohesive posters that can be viewed together or separate. The idea behind this project is to take radically different content, find the common theme that ties all three movies together, and represent that in a cohesive way.


PROJECT – Book Cover  

Redesign and produce a book jacket that is more updated and relevant to the content of the book, while still containing the information pertinent for a book jacket.

book cover (2).jpg


Produce a cohesive, four-page magazine layout that has an original article about any design topic, utilizes at least 3 high-quality images, a main title, a subtitle, an infographic, a quote, a slug with magazine logo, a page number, and a substory.


PROJECT – Promotional Package

For a fictional company, produce a promotional package that can be sold in stores or through the company. The goal is to take something that has been redesigned time-and-time-again, like a product package, and come up with an original take on it. The company here is Cloud Confections and the promotional package is for a single-serve buckeye recipe called Brilliant Buckeyes. The package is designed to mimic nature and the experience of cracking open a buckeye nut.



Produce a set of trading cards that can provide information and an accurate visual representation of 54 species of frogs selected from the IUCN Red List Database.

Column 1: Sample of Checklist and Reference Card
Column 2: Sample of Insert Card
Column 3: Sample of 1-of-1 Card


Samples of Base Cards


PROJECT – Calendar

Design and produce a themed calendar for 2019. The goal is to create a calendar where each page can stand-alone, yet have common design elements that make the pages work together as a cohesive unit. To accomplish this, I had to think about how the architectural images interact with the calendar blocks and about the color scheme of each page.

Calendar Cover

calendar covers.jpg

Samples of Interior Pages

calendar 3 favorites.jpg

PROJECT – Specimen Poster

Design a specimen poster to emphasize unique aspects of the typeface News Gothic, such as the symmetry of the letters D, B and Q, or the consistency in stroke thickness of each letter form.

specimen poster.jpg

PROJECT – Infographic for the color blind

Create an infographic on a topic around illiteracy in the United States that is designed to accommodate those with color blindness. The aspect of illiteracy highlighted in this infographic is the rate of illiteracy in the criminal justice system and how that is linked to recidivism. Tactics used to accommodate color blindness include using complimentary colors with high contract and utilizing patterns to differentiate bars in the graphs.

profile photo short.jpg

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